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  • Animals Don't Take More than They Need...

    Animals rock. 
    They don’t take more than they need.  When hungry, the hunt is on.  A satisfying dinner.  Done.  There is no need to stock up,
    When hungry again they go out for more food.
    Think about how much we concern ourselves with “enough”.  What if I don’t get enough? 

     What is enough? 

    Restaurants are often judged on how big the portions are.  One serving
    can amount to what a family of four could be satisfied with. 
    Why is that a good thing?

    We are as a society fearful that we may not measure up if we lack quantity.

    Animals are free of that mindset.  It is a metaphor for the freedom you can feel when your brain lets go of excess clutter.  Clearing your mind of the stuff that keeps you stagnant allows for more forward thinking. 

    When the animal is hungry he has purpose.  His thinking is clear.  His body is telling him what he needs and he listens and acts.

    When we are in need, our purpose is clear.  We act upon our needs.  Our desires are based upon our needs. 

    If we’re beyond satiated, need becomes a lie we tell ourselves. 
    “I need to clean my plate because it’s wasteful if I throw food away.”
    “I need to eat all of this food because I’m paying good money for it at this
    Food keeps in refrigerators.

    I paid money to get full, not to overeat.  I got my money’s worth when I put down my fork.
    Because things are in front of us doesn’t mean we have to possess them.  Or consume them.

    So when you're ready to shift the way you think about consumption,
    let me know.