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  • What do you absorb?

    What is my truth?   

    Have you ever asked yourself this question?

    I have been living with some pretty crazy ideology most of my life.

    Stuff I just made up.  


    People won’t like me if I’m me.

    I don’t fit in.

    I’m not funny.

    I’m not good enough.

    I’m not pretty enough.

    I’m not thin enough.

    I’m not smart enough.

    Ouch!   If someone told me these things out loud it would

    hurt like hell.  So why have I said them to myself?  

    We come into the world as little baby shaped sponges.  As our world around us

    comes into focus we soak up what’s there.  Some of it good, and some not 

    depending on who and what influenced our thoughts about ourselves.

    By the time young adulthood arrives we’ve absorbed what we know to be our normal.

    And life starts showing us how ugly our non truths are.  We get to choose to continue 

    believing them or not.  

    But what if I don’t want to and they still show up?


    It took years to absorb the lies.  It will take time to squeeze them out.

    It can be done.  

    A little out, a little in.  A little out, a little in...

    Pretty soon you find out that it’s enough to be enough.