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  • A New Normal

    A new normal.  What does that mean?
    It means old ways of thinking will be put to the test.
    I know.  Haven’t I done that already?  
    Similar to the adage, if I can’t make changes, I can’t move forward.  You know the one about if you’re not changing, you’re dying?  Like that.
    That’s what this is about.  Loss. And living. And love.
    Too recently someone very dear to me stopped living. Well, his physical body shifted from this one to the next form.  
    His soul survived.  It resides deep inside of me and all who loved him.  
    His passing was not without struggle and pain. Had he been given the choice, I can say with certainty his death would have been very different.
    This was a man wealthy in love, generosity and intelligence.  He made everyone in his presence feel like the only one alive.
    An astounding 500 plus people came to say their respectful good byes.  I could feel the overwhelming love in that building.
    I felt it the days prior to his death as I sat with family trying to hold onto a piece of this precious life.  
    I felt it as torment and denial ravaged those who have to make sense of life without him.
    Because love hurts.  It just does.  It wouldn’t be valuable if it didn’t sometimes.
    Someone said it’s not fair. No. It’s not.  What is fair?
    That he should live and someone else should go in his stead?
    That he should continue to live more years like those past in a painfully frustrating search for a cure?
    I learned that by the time we consider what is on our bucket list, we aren’t healthy enough to do them.
    So do them.
    The gaping hole he left has created space for deep thought.
    Everything looks different.  Everything feels different.
    I walk through my day trying to see people through Bob’s eyes.  
    So as I stumble glassy eyed through my days, I’m noticing more.  I’m judging less.
    People whom I know and those I don’t.
    I do the same things only I think about it differently.
    In order to make my days matter more, it feels imperative to really see and feel the love that exists in everyone.  
    I want people to feel the way I felt in Bob’s presence.

    Like I mattered.
    Like I was beautiful.
    Like I was loved.

    Looking at what’s real.  Take a different perspective as you move through tomorrow.  Try your hand at asking some questions like:

    “What is so bad about that?”
    “How will this change my life?”
    “Are my thoughts really my truths?”
    “Does it really matter?”

    Look through different eyes.  Someone you love and/or respect. Maybe even your dog.
    How do they see you?
    What do you see through their eyes?
    Now ask for what you need to create a new normal.
    I can help you with that.