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  • Resolution

    It’s December.  The new year. 

    It is a time for many things like holidays, semester conclusions

    and resolutions.  Do you make them?  Do you think about them

    come February?  March?

    Resolutions are about becoming better.  Losing weight is a popular intention, as is quitting a smoking habit.  It could be saving money or increased exercise.

    If any one of these is accomplished, life is improved.

    My resolution is simple.  It’s a lifetime resolution.  Just like the way I

    eat.   It’s a way of life that doesn’t expire.

    I will continue to do what makes me happy.

    I’ll be authentic.

    I’ll be honest.

    I’ll be nonjudgmental.

    I’ll be empathetic and compassionate.

    I’ll make my best attempt to be all of these things because I don’t know

    how to be anyone else.

    Be your best self in 2012.  Be your best self for life.