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  • Passion

    Not long ago I ran into an acquaintance who has reached celebrity status by following his passion.

    He couldn’t care less about the notoriety.  In fact I would be willing to bet that he would be content not to have it.

    This guy has had his share of stumbling blocks.

    He’s had health issues taking him out of his very element, challenged business deals and sacrificed relationships only to remain focused on the thing that fills him with joy.

    These are the things that would stop many people in their tracks where they would use the ‘F’ word:




    That’s never been a consideration for Chris.  All the speed bumps have done for him is drive him forward with fury.


    Some really amazing people in my life asked me numerous times what my passion was.  What did I love?  When am I the happiest?

    I thought it had to be specific.

    Like science.

    It had to be tangible.

    And if I couldn’t make a ton of money doing it, then it wasn’t worth mentioning.


    Here’s the thing.  When we have lost sight of our joy we’ve really ceased to live.  The Oxford Dictionary defines the word ‘live’ as “have life, feed on, enjoy life to the full”. 

    So lacking passion (Oxford: strong enthusiasm) reduces us to subpar existence.

    How to discover your passion?

    Listen. Feel. Allow.

    If money was not an issue and you could do anything you wanted with your time, what would it be?

    I mean anything.






    All of the above are excellent avenues for income.

    When you lose the weight of what you think you’re supposed to do, or should do, the lightness opens your mind to all kinds of possibility.

    No, it doesn’t happen in a New York minute.  Creativity requires thought and time.

    It’s a lifestyle.

    Chris has been at this cooking thing for well over twenty years.

    He’s had to think about it a lot.

    He’s had to alter his path several times. 

    It hasn’t been easy.

    When you love what you do, you love yourself.

    What’s better than that?