My World

Welcome to my world. 

It is one that is surrounded by the heartbeats of four furry canines that keep me grounded within who I really am.  My dogs are a great source of learning.  They remind me to stay in today.  They gather to show me love, patience and commitment.   They teach that rest is good, and it’s okay to ask for what you need.

No tales of woe.  

What is, is. 

What was, was.  

Tomorrow doesn’t exist.

They taught me that I didn’t have to fit in; my right world would come to me.  And it has.

Then just when I thought I was only an animal person, I started attracting amazing people.  People who think like I do.  

So, in 2010 I took a trip to South Africa with Martha Beck for her Self Transformation Adventure Retreat (STAR).   This was the experience that changed my life.  

And my purpose became clear.  The insights and experiences that have brought me such freedom, that fed me like manna in the wilderness of this world, could also feed others who felt lost or out of place.

I enrolled in Martha Beck Life Coach training which not only led to my certification as a Martha Beck Life Coach, but was in itself, a journey for self-discovery.

I am the wife of an incredible human being with whom I have been married for 30 years.  I am also the mom of two amazing  daughters.  

I live in Phoenix, Arizona and graduated from ASU with a BA in communications which by the way, has been very valuable.

I have lived a life full of diverse experiences.  

All of which resulted in who I am, for better...not worse.  

All the stuff of living and learning.

I earned my street smarts and my book smarts. 

I have fallen in love with coaching others through the muck into the light.


P.S. Since now you know I'm an avid animal lover, please click here to read about my power animal totem and, please contact me, as I'd love to help you find yours too.